A busy 2012

2012 has proved to be a busy year at Knome Studios.  This year I’ve had the pleasure of working on 3 big projects that I would love to share with everyone. Also, I’ve uploaded new music onto the site from all 3 projects to give you a chance to hear some of the new creativity coming from Knome studios.


1-  The Feature Film “The Change Agents”.

This film was a major undertaking sparked by the students of LVR High School in Nelson BC.  With post production starting early this year I worked with Director, Robyn Shepard as well producer’s, Sarah Hayward, Chris Shearman, Rob Sekersky, and Joann Lowell to create a score.  The process of creating the music proved to be a huge opportunity to practice finding a middle ground between drastically varied view points while at the same time staying true to the artistic integrity that is Knome Studios.  As with any challenge I was determined to find the common ground among the group and it wasn’t until I brought Gemma Luna in to perform vocals on half a dozen cues that I had found the tie that would bind everyone’s taste’s.  The end of April through to mid-June consisted of many long meetings discussing the score, studio sessions, as well as numerous hours behind my MacBook Pro weaving the score together on my computer program Logic.  In the end I believe the score came together quite nicely in the way that I was able to satisfy the Director’s vision, but also stay close to my own vision for the score.  I was very fortunate to have been able to work with  2  past teacher’s of mine  Rick Lingard and Don MacDonald.  Rick provided me with many great ideas to help grease the wheels in creatively squeaky moments, but was also very beneficial in providing moral support as I navigated my way through the strong opinions of some producer’s.  Don MacDonald helped in the end by having a listen to the  finished draft’s and, in a matter of speaking, stamped it with his seal of approval.  With Don being such a seasoned and well known composer his approval went a long way in convincing my creative team that the score nailed the feeling that we were collectively wanting to achieve.  The film successfully premiered at Nelson BC’s, Capitol Theatre on November 1st,2012.  Currently it is being marketed to film festival’s around the globe.  For more info on the film check out the website —       The Change Agents

YouTube Preview Image



2 -“Where The Trail Ends” Contour POV Camera Web Series

The Film “Where the Trail Ends” was produced by Freeride Entertainment together with Red Bull Media House.  The feature film, Directed by Jeremy Grant, documents the journey of 4 world class mountain biker’s searching around the globe for terrain never before rode. During the trips to 5 different locations, the Mountain biker’s wore helmet mounted camera’s provided by Contour.  The footage that was captured with the Contour POV camera’s is what was mainly used to edit the web series.  Synchronistically, after completing the score for “The Change Agents” I got an email from Jeremy asking if I would like to be on board to write the music for this series.  Of course I was!!  I love working with FreeRide Entertainment.  Not only are they pro’s at what they do, but they are always a great group to work with.  The 5 episode (Nepal, Gobi Desert x2 , Utah, Fraser Canyon), series stretched out over the span of 3 months.  During that time I worked closely with Freeride’s editor Bryan Ralph.  It was an extremely enjoyable web series to work on, as it challenged me to write in a number of eclectic styles in a short period of time.

YouTube Preview Image


3- “Defensora” –  The Documentary

Rachel Schmidt is directing a powerful new documentary filmed in Guatemala.  This film documents 3 accounts of violence, rape and murder possibly committed by employees of a Canadian mining company working in a remote region of Guatemala.  The 3 victims of these heinous crimes are now suing the company within the laws of Canada due to the fact that the government in Guatemala is too corrupt to make any real impact or change.  Rachel contacted me in April to work on the trailer of the film which she pitched at Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto the month of June.  In October she made a 2nd trip down to get the remaining footage and stills she needed to complete the film.  Recently the victims have caught Canadian attention as their story was aired on the CBC’s The National which featured footage from Rachel’s trailer.  Currently I’m working with the Rachel and the editor Sonja Ruebsaat to create a music score for the working length documentary.  We are due to complete Defensora early January 2013 in time to be submitted for screening at The Hot Docs Film Festival.  Rachel is still looking for contributions to support this heroic effort of her’s so please pay a visit to the Indiegogo site –   




 It’s been a productive year!!  I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of projects I’ve worked on this year and look forward to the new creative challenges in 2013.  Thanks again for taking the time to take a quick peak into Knome Studios.  Look for another blog post in early 2013. Now back to work….







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