Ben Euerby

Inspired by life itself, Ben considers himself to be a lifetime student of music. As a multi-instrumentalist his sense of music is innate and the momentum of his exploration into composing Photo on 2019-03-28 at 8.39 AMdemonstrates this ability.

Starting on his own volition, Ben began playing on an old electric organ at the age of 8. Moving onto piano and saxophone as he got older, he later found inspiration from his high school band teacher to pursue a career in film music. Ben went on to Graduate with honor grades from the Internationally recognized Selkirk College Contemporary Music and Technology Program. Majoring in composition, there he studied film scoring under the direction of Leo Award Winning composer Don MacDonald.  Recently Ben was selected by the Screen Composer’s Guild of Canada to apprentice with Vancouver film composer Michael Nielson.

Ben displays versatility with styles and is adept at composing scores for film including dramatic, atmospheric,  feel good, modern and reflective cues, as well as creating catchy TV melodies. Well versed in many style’s he can write in Funk, Reggae, Latin, Jazz, Electronic and Ethnic genre’s.  That aside, Ben Euerby’s own sound is something distinct unto itself.  With a passionate and innate understanding of music he brings authentic and unique idea’s to every project he works on.  He is known for having an intuitive and humble approach to finding the music needs of each film.  It enables his clients to have the confidence that Ben will pick up on exactly what they are looking for to enhance their project.

Ben’s music has appeared in TV documentaries, International Film, Commercials,  and Web Based media alike.    He  recently earned an  International Music and Sound Awards nomination for Best Feature Length Film Score for his work on the film “Defensora”.     Ben has a constant thirst for new film projects, and developing relationships in the film industry.  It is through these projects that he conjures the creative juices which keep him aspiring to be a master of his craft.

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