Autumn Update

It’s been a really busy past couple months.  Besides purchasing a home, which is a huge project unto itself, I’m also working on a few new music projects which I’m really excited to be a part of!

First off the Film “Conceiving Family”which I composed the score for  had a premier screening in Nelson BC’s Capitol Theater on Sept. 17.  It was awesome to see such a good turn out for this event as well as a hugely positive response from the audience.   Finger’s crossed that this film will go far.  With the likes of the Director Amy Bohigian behind it I’m positive it will.  Also when you have time check out Amy’s site, it’s well worth the visit –

Another project I’ve got myself involved with is spearheaded by an old friend of mine Erez Barzilay.  Erez gave me my first opportunity to compose for a feature length film when he hired me on board to compose for his documentary “Surreal – A Glance at a Land that no Longer Exists” in 2006.  He’s recently changed his career path from Documentary Film Production to Digital Media.  I’m not at liberty to say too much about this new project but what what I can say is that it is an App. for a mobile device that is very innovative, and there is nothing else out there like it.  I’ll be directing the music aspect of this App.  Keep posted for further developments.

Also, I’m writing the music for a series of films produced by Rachel Schmidt for Community Living BC.  This series will  be a 3 part video (for now) designed to shed light on the importance of the Crown Agency, CLBC.  It will be shot in HD and destined to be screened by various Television Programmers and Internet Websites.

Last but not least I’m very excited to be hired on as the Composer for the Film ” Turquoise Snowflake”.  The Feature Film is being shot in Nelson BC and directed by the high school drama teacher at LVR, Robyn Shepard.  This film is an amazing opportunity to work with the very well seasoned Producer, Sarah Hayward  as well as Producer/Director of Photography, Rob Sekersky.  Turquoise Snowflake shows a lot of promise by being the only film in Canada (and possibly North America) to be shot at a high school.  I’ll be working closely with the music supervisor Ohan Vandemeer of Serpico Audio to create the score destined to be mixed down to Dolby Digital Surround Sound.  At this stage of the game the film is yet to be in post production as the crew is wrapping up filming.  Stay posted for updates on this unique project but in the meantime take a peak at their Facebook page by searching “Project Turquoise Snowflake” on FB.

So as you can see busyness is the theme of life at Knome Studios right now which is awesome.  So to all of my friends…. please don’t be offended if I don’t call back right away -hahah.   Also I’d like to say that originally I thought I would do a blog post once a week but realized quickly that this was a pretty lofty target.  It’s looking a lot more like once a month so please keep your ears perked for more activity at Knome Studios in November. Thanks for paying attention to my blog everyone!




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