Spring 2014


2014 looks like a promising year if it continues in the direction it has started in-

Early this January I started to involve myself with a music library company from Ireland.  It was humbling to have been contacted directly by “Score Music Interactive” to be asked to join their new venture.  They have a very unique product that differs a lot from other music libraries in that they provide an interactive interface for potential clients to create their own cues.  Potential clients at this point look to mostly be in the gaming industry but are not limited to only that.  I pretty excited to be involved with this company and hope to see business grow from it.   Check out their website:  http://scoremusicinteractive.com/

It seems to be a year for getting involved with music libraries.  Recently I have also signed a contract with a music library company based out of LA, Half Note Music.  They provide music for a range of needs including, commercials, TV series, Films, and others.  Check out their site: http://halfnotemusic.net/

This spring I’m looking forward to starting on the project “If These Mountains Could Talk”.  Commissioned by the Knowledge Network If These Mountains Could Talk is a thirty-minute documentary that tells an original and personal history of Nelson and the Kootenays.  Directed by a close colleague “Amy Bohigian”, I’m excited to be a part of this fascinating project.


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